Extreme steam cleaning package


Sedan $100 / SUV $110 tax included

  • Include interior clean, cloth seat shampoo or leather seat cleaning, carpet shampoo, exterior clean and exterior waxing

  • You will have to leave your car with us at least 8 hours, and we will contact you when the service is finished

  • Extra large vehicle ask for price



轿车 $100 / SUV $110 税后价

  • 包含内饰清洁,布座和地毯精洗,皮座清洁保养,外洗和打蜡的服务

  • 我们需要保留车辆最少8小时,我们清洁结束会电话通知您

  • 超大型车辆请致电询问价格

Extreme Cleaning Package

Rainy Day Special

  • All the services in Extreme Cleaning Package are included except for waxing.

  • The promotion is valid when expected  >1mm rain in Toronto area, base on the weekly weather forecast from weathernetwork 



  • 包含所有除了打蜡以外的所有蒸汽清洁套餐的服务

  • 特价于预期降雨量>1mm生效,以weathernetwork 一周内天气预报为准。

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