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EE Auto Group is one of the most experienced and high-quality cars detailing company in the Toronto area. The company was established in 2008 and has been developed rapidly in the past few years. EE Auto Group offers various services such as exterior and interior hand car wash, steam interior cleaning, car polish and window tint, Llumar and Xpel window tinting, Ceramic pro coating in order to suit customers' different needs. EE Auto Group committed to maintain consistent service quality and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.




2008.08          Markham store - The first store with area 1,200 sq. feet, located at Highway7 & McCowan Road

2009.08          Became LLumar window film Authorized Dealer

2010.04          Thornhill store - Store with area 1,400 sq. feet, located at Highway7 & Bayview Ave

2012.07          Mississauga store - Store with area 1,600 sq. feet, located at 401 & Dixie Road

2013.10          Scarborough store - Store with area 1,600 sq. feet, located at 401 & Kennedy Road

2014.04          Markham store expansion - Markham store moved and expanded to an area more than 4,000 sq. feet, still located                                                 at Highway7 & McCowan Road

2014.05          Became the first Huper Optik Autobahn Authorized dealer in Canada

2014.05          Became the Corrosion Free Rust Proofing Oil Authorized Dealer.

2014.12          Mississauga store expansion - Mississauga store moved and expanded to the area more than 5,000 sq. feet, located in Downtown Mississauga (Hw 403 & Hurontario Street)

2015.03         Ottawa store - Store with are 3000 sq., located at West Hunt Club & Merivale in Ottawa.

2015.08         Thornhill store - Store moves to a much bigger location with an area close to 4000 sq. Prime location On John Street.

2016.01         Waterloo store - Waterloo Store open to the customer.

2017.02          Became the BlackVue Authorized dealer in Canada.

2017.03          Became the Papago Authorized dealer in Canada

2018.01          Became the Gtechniq Authorized installer in Canada

2018.03          Became the Ceramic Pro Authorized installer in Canada

2018.10          Stared selling tire and rim

2019.06          Became Xpel window film Authorized dealer. Replace Huper Optik due to Xpel Ceramic film is better than Huper Optik

2019.06          7000sf tire storage shop opening soon.

2019.06          Newmarket detailing and window tinting and rusting proofing shop opening soon

2019.11          York University shop grand open



To be continued......

EE Auto group continuously growing and welcome any potential business partners and employees.


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